Puffer Finance: A Revolution in Liquid Staking

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2 min readFeb 8, 2024

Introduction to Puffer Finance

Puffer Finance is a platform designed to revolutionize the process of liquid staking and validator protection on Ethereum. Puffer started over a year ago in collaboration with leading experts in blockchain and digital security, aiming to provide validators with the ability to reduce their bonds through additional protection against penalties, utilizing Intel SGX technology as one of the trusted execution environments.

Mission and Objectives

The primary mission of Puffer is to offer permissionless validators the opportunity to reduce bond requirements, which should encourage participation in the network and contribute to decentralization. The project aims not only to expand participation but also to increase validators’ profitability through innovative restaking methods.

Liquid Staking and Validator Protection

Puffer Finance employs a liquid staking approach, allowing validators to join the network with a low bond and generate Proof of Stake rewards. A key differentiator is the use of its Secure Signer protection system, based on Intel SGX technology, which provides protection against possible penalties for violations. This allows validators to reduce risks and increase their profitability.

Native Restaking on Eigenlayer

A notable feature of Puffer is the generation of additional income through native restaking on the Eigenlayer platform. This gives validators the opportunity to earn not only standard staking rewards but also through restaking, increasing overall profitability. This approach allows for the expansion of opportunities for validators and offers them more favorable working conditions in the Ethereum network.

Diversity of Restaking Strategies

Puffer offers validators a choice of various restaking strategies, allowing them to tailor the earning process to their individual risk preferences. Each restaking strategy involves participation in certain automated validation systems, giving validators the flexibility to choose the most suitable method of income generation for them.

Technological Innovations and Security

A key element of protection in Puffer is the Secure Signer, which ensures that keys are generated and stored within a protected environment, preventing any attempts at violations that could lead to penalties. This provides a high level of security and reliability for validators participating in the network.


Puffer Finance represents a significant advancement in the field of liquid staking and validator protection, offering unique solutions for increasing profitability and security in the Ethereum network. With innovative approaches to restaking and protection, Puffer opens new opportunities for validators, aiming to create a more decentralized and efficient blockchain ecosystem.


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